Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brown paper drawings

Here's a collection of brown paper drawings, including some unsold ones from OIC portrait days. Pencil, poster colours, ballpoint pen and white correction pen on brown paper.

Maybe, smitten. The boy in yellow made it to the August Portrait Day poster. Hooray! This was my first test using poster colours for the colour edition of portrait day. I used coloured markers at the last session, but now favour poster colours as they have more dimension - flexibility with opacity, introduction of whites and option to mix colours while wet.

Pink and Superhero.

From August portrait day. I skipped the correction pen and used white poster paint instead. Outlined in black ball point.

From August portrait day. A very beautiful french family. Mother was glowing, dad was handsome and little girl was tres jolie! It was a challenge trying to finish three and also the little girl was moving about a lot. Used pencil instead of ball point.

My favorite from the July portrait day.


Anthony said...

Hey, that's pretty tight. Makes me want to work on my drawing skills.

Shaz said...

Hello - I'm the second girl you drew that day and absolutely loved your portrait. I admit, I've even used it for my Facebook profile. :S

Keep up the good work and I'm very surprised the guy with the cap didn't buy your portrait! It looked really good!

moodytwoshoes said...

Thank you, Shaz! I'm happy you liked the drawing! :)

There are many talented artists in the portrait day group, with many different styles. It's always interesting for us to see which style the "sitter" chooses.

Thanks for choosing mine! Hope to see you again at the portrait days!

Shaz said...

Sure! Let me know if you'd like me to email you the drawing you did.

moodytwoshoes said...

Thanks! Do email me at moodytwoshoes@yahoo.com.sg and I'll post up the drawing here :)